(Question) When I’m looking to sell my home, how should I present it online? Is there importance there or certain things I should make sure are included?

(Answer) This is the most overlooked issue in real estate today. Buyers for homes are using technology to eliminate homes to reduce how many they have to walk through. I used to walk people through 50 homes twenty years ago, now buyers are eliminating homes based on what they see online. If there’s every any kind of a shortfall it’s that a seller didn’t take time to prep the home, properly photograph it with professional and perfect lighting. The presentation is not good and what ends up happening is a buyer is sitting at work and click “delete” and they never walk through the house. Presentation is absolutely paramount in today’s real estate world. Make sure the presentation works because that’s the only thing you have at first to get them to walk through your home.

(Question) Is there anything you can do to help with the presentation?

(Answer) I recognize that people are going to potentially eliminate a home online. What I do specifically is bring in and pay for a professional stager to stage the home. Then I bring in a professional photographer to come in and properly shoot that home so it is in it’s absolute best presentation so when people see it online it goes onto their short list. There are additional services I offer such as paying for storage, cleaners, and handyman services if necessary. As far as presentation goes I want to be sure and guarantee my client’s home is presented as best as it can be when it hits the market.

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