As a Home Buyer, There’s Zero Cost to Work with a Realtor

A lot of people don’t realize there is zero cost to work with a Realtor when buying a home. Our team is here to serve as your guide through the entire process (at no cost to you), ensuring you love your new home, you get the best price possible, and find the perfect neighborhood for your family.

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I want to:

What’s the First Step in the Home Buying Process     


What You Need To Know About Zillow

Most home buyers don’t realize that Zillow does not have their interest at heart.

Zillow is not a real estate website. It’s realtor click bait website. When you find a home you like on Zillow and the button says, “Contact Realtor,” you need to know that they are not sending you to the Realtor who knows the most about the home. They are connecting you to a Realtor who knows little about the home but has paid to receive that referral from Zillow. In this video, Mike explains how it works!


What to Look for When Touring a Home

Mike MacGuire covers the details of what to look for when touring a home. While the placement of your furnishings is important, there are other factors to keep an eye out for. Details such as how close your house is to the road, how close is the nearest elementary school, parking options for you and visitors to your home, etc. Make sure the home you’re buying is what’s best for you both inside and outside.


What is the Best Time to Buy or Sell a Home

For buyers, a lot of people think the best time to search is in the Spring or Summer because there are more homes on the market … but there are more buyers too! In this video, Mike explains when is the best time to buy or sell a home.


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